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Arizona Public Media, July 1st 2010

A Dare for Downtown read more

Arizona Daily Star

Downtown fits wellness profile, April 4th 2010. read more
Smoothie for your Dog, July 9th 2009. read more

Tucson, February 2010

Join Corey and Jeanie for, D-town... the only show that's all about what's happening downtown! read more

New York Times, February 2010

a smoothie that hits the spot read more

Best of

best smoothie - tucson weekly 2010 read more
best smoothie - tucson weekly 2009 read more
best smoothie - tucson weekly 2008 read more
best smoothie - tucson weekly 2007 read more
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best smoothie - tucson lifestyle 2006

Zmag, October 2009

a smooth(ie) pebble in the downtown pond read more

Tucson Citizen

key to good health: develop routine exercises, eating habits read more
resolve to make big impact on waist line, waste, december 2007 read more, 2007

indie-zine online review read more

Outside Magazine, April 2006

"has the city's best smoothies" read more

Tucson Weekly, July 2004

"if you didn't know any better, you'd think Xoom was a big-time chain. The stores are all impeccably clean and decorated...the 'max daddy' was delecious--the granola stood out, giving the drink a delightfully earthy taste, along with the requisite fruit sweetness." read more

Tucson Lifestyle, June 2004

"the interior of each shop is trendy chic, a comfortable place...(the floo fighter) was decleciously refreshing... it satisfied like a dessert, but the 24-ounce drink contained only 325 calories."